Friday, 25 July 2014

OOTD - 25th July 2014

Hello, it's the last outfit from the dance show

This is one of the cuter ones. The top half is a leotard she wore for last year's show. It just about fits her still but by next year's show it will not fit her. They got the skirt and put all the shiny things on it.

This was the best dance she did as well. It was Witchdoctor and all the kids did so well... maybe didn't stay in time all the time but they are five and six years old. Down below is a video of all the outfits she wore.

Mrs P

Monday, 21 July 2014

We have lost a tooth!

The tooth is out, yes her first wobbly tooth is out! The other day is was at a 45 degree angle all day and I said to her it would be out tomorrow, just stop wiggling it, so she did.

The next day she went to school and it was a normal day. I went to pick her up and she was smiling at me. I was looking at her thinking something was different but I just couldn't put my finger on what it was, until she handed me an envelope with a tooth in it!

I was so proud. It was a different big proud mummy moment and she looks so cute with a little gap in her teeth. We had a good chat on the way home from school about how it feels out and what she did. So here is the little story of how it happened.

 Little Miss P:
It fell out when it was carpet time. It just fell out Mummy. I put my hand up and the teacher thought I was asking a question but I said my tooth had fallen out. So Miss Stevens took me to have a glass of water and put my tooth in a little bag.

Did you cry and did it hurt?

Little Miss P:
No Mummy it just fell out.

That's all that she really said about it. That night the tooth fairy came and she got given a £2 coin as that's all I had on me at the time. She put it in her saving pot bless her. No more are wobbly at the moment, but it won't be too long before the next one is.

That's our little story, hope you enjoyed it.

Mrs P

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Friday, 18 July 2014

OOTD: 18th July 2014

Hello everyone, 

This is number three of the dance outfits the dance school bought them from Primark. But they got them all in big sizes so they cut the bottoms off them and made them into bows. Here Little Miss P is wearing size 7-8 years and it's not really too big for her, it's only slightly big.

I had to sew the straps to make them smaller and that was the first time I have ever done that. I was so pleased with myself; it lasted for the dance show and it's still to this day sewn together, oh yes, go me.

Check out below the look book we put together.

Mrs P

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Passion Fruit Body Butter Review

Hello Everyone, it's review Thursday!

I am giving a Beauty review a go. It's the Passion Fruit Body Butter from the Body Shop, the most famous product from the shop (well I think it is).

As you can see I have nearly finished it.

It smells so good and this body butter is fantastic for dry skin. I have eczema so having a body lotion is what I need. I love everything about the Body Shop body butter; the texture, the smell, the amount you get. It's so creamy that it doesn't absorb straight into the skin, so after I've put the body butter on I lay on the bed naked for it to go into my skin.

I find this body lotion high quality and will be going to buy some more soon as I have nearly run
out of this one.

RRP: £12.00, 200ML


Mrs P

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Photo Gallery #193

My View Right Now

As of 13th June at 7.46pm Little Miss P and Mr P are having a game on the Wii before little one goes to bed. I think we need to get her a new game soon as this one is quite babyish for her now.

Well I am off now, going to put the little lady to bed and have some pie for dessert. Not sure which one it is, we picked it up from Loughton Farmer's Market.

Mrs P

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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Weekly Saving #2

Old El Paso 8 Tortillas in Tesco at £1.47 
Got 40p back so makes it £1.07

You can get 8 x 4 fingers Kitkat for £1.00

Car Boot Sale
Brand new loo brush, in Duck Egg at £1.00
Two cute hurricane candle holders, £1 each

Mrs P

Monday, 14 July 2014

July Mini Goals

Finish off the bathroom
This one was on May's Mini Goals & June's Mini Goals just to do the last few bits and buy the bathroom cabinet but we didn't get that done, due to the hubby and I having stinking colds. So this one has been carried forward again.

Put the logo on this blog site
I have come up with a logo for the top of this blog and to use in other places; just need to do the last bits to it and then place it up.This was a June one too, so it needs to carry on again.

Get the house ready for the BBQ 
It's our birthday party coming up soon for all three of us. The garden is getting there, just needs a bit more more work and I really need to sort the house out as it's a mess.

What we did in June 
One thing I did that I said I wanted to do is save some money and we did just by knowing what I am spending my money on and not buying that little extra chocolate bar (that has been hard as I do love a bit of chocolate).

Mrs P